Kingsley Moghalu Wants Igbos to Stop Playing “Victim”

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Kingsley Moghalu has advised Igbos to rid themselves of their "victim-mentality" as part of efforts towards strategically positioning themselves politically in the country.
Kingsley Moghalu at the Africa CEO Forum

Moghalu, a former presidential candidate and and a former Director of the Central Bank of Nigeria made this known in a series of tweets posted late-night Saturday, 4 July. 

He tweeted: “Nigerian Igbo complain about political “marginalization”. While true because of the civil war, and while Nigeria needs “a new grand bargain” b/w it’s ethnic nationalities, the Igbo themselves have harmed themselves. They must first shed victim mentality.”

Moghalu then went on to criticize Igbo leaders, fingering their self-centeredness as a major part of the problem facing the Igbos. He tweeted That Igbo’s “must address the disadvantage of being “led” by selfish, greedy and self-centred political elite masquerading as political and social-cultural leaders who are the first to shoot down their own. Many Igbo leaders are fine men and women. But there are too many.”

Moghalu then drew a parallel between the Igbo situation and that of Obama, making the point that Obama’s pure African heritage free from what he termed “psychological insecurities” was what led to his victory.

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Here are the rest of his tweets:

“Do you think it’s a surprise that @BarackObama became US president despite the attempts of many other black Americans like Jesse Jackson? Obama succeeded because he did not have a chip on his shoulder, though he acknowledged the systemic injustice of racism.

But he had a proposition, not just a sense of entitlement. He was able to largely because he was the son of Kenyan man and a white American mother who did not descend from a line of former slaves and therefore was spared of their psychological insecurities. 

The joke in Kenya is that a Luo (his father was from the Luo tribe) could be a US president but not a Kenyan one! I ran for President in 2019 as a Nigerian candidate, not as an Igbo candidate, and no apologies. I love Ndigbo. But I also love other Nigerians, unburdened by the hang-ups of history.

All of this not say we should not deal with the civil war in our national history. It is the elephant in the room. I have argued that Nigeria’s leaders must apologize for the millions of lives lost in the Nigeria-Biafra war if we are to heal. That’s the right thing to do.”

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Kingsley Moghalu served as deputy governor of financial system stability and the director of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) from 2009 to 2014. He unsuccessfully contested the 2018 presidential election under the platform of the Young Progressive Party (YPP).


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