M.I and Vector Squash Beef, Tease Collaboration

M.I and Vector have finally squashed their beef.

The two heavyweights of the Nigerian hip-hop scene took advantage of the Hennessy sponsored, “the conversation” show to iron out their differences.

Vector and M.I had traded diss tracks at each other and called themselves out online during the duration of their beef.

Their beef started in 2016 when M.I took offense to a lyric in a Vector song “Kilode.”

M.I interpreted the lines from the song as a diss aimed at himself.

"Kilode? what the heck do you want from me?
Asking if i could kill M.I.
Why would I?
He's a cool kid
We share ties".

However during their conversation on Tuesday, Vector maintained that he did not mean the line in a disrespectful way.

M.I also reminded Vector of a statement he (Vector) made when he was accepting his lyricist on the roll accolade at the Headies award in 2015. Vector had said “shout out to the short rapper,” in reference to M.I which the Jos-born rapper had also found insulting.

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Vector however said he was only being creative and that he did not mean anything personal towards M.I. However he did apologize if M.I found the statement offensive.

On Vector’s part, he called M.I’s attention to a statement he made after Vector has won that award in 2015.

M.I had in a song stated that the award organizers needed to reconsider their criteria for awarding the lyricist on the roll award.

On the Illegal music 3 mixtape cut, Notjustok/Savage, M.I rapped:

"To the headies wassup wassup You my fam tho I wish you the best of luck.  
You’ve been a blessing to the game to lots of us. 
But that lyricist award mehn we got to talk. 
Not tryna say I deserve to play Cause I f*ck with everyone who emerged in that. 
The criteria of the win it doesn’t favour the men spitting new raw shit that’s word and facts."

Vector interpreted the sentiment as casting him as an unworthy winner.

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This M.I dismissed during their talk on Tuesday.

He explained that he only thought the criteria for selecting songs for the award was flawed as it only allowed for singles with videos.

This selection process, M.I argued, excluded many other possibly deserving winners.

M.I even disclosed that he did not think himself a worthy winner for the award with the song, “Undisputed Champion.”

“I was embarrassed to be nominated for Undisputed Champion,” M.I revealed, as if to buttress his point.

Having bared out their minds to each other, the two reconciled.

Vector also revealed that he would like to collaborate with M.I, a sentiment the Jos born rapper did not have a provlem with.

Watch the video here:


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