Woman Detained In Hospital Over Her Inability To Pay Pills

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A woman in Lagos State, and her newborn baby, have been held captive for 7 months over her inability to pay a N250,000 hospital bill.

A hospital has been detaining a woman and her baby for 7 months since she gave birth.

This is due to her inability to pay her hospital bills.

The woman, Blessing Bassey, 27, came to Mojol Hospital, Church Street, in Shasha, Egbeda, Lagos in March.

She lost consciousness on March 6 while she was 7 months pregnant and was brought to the hospital where she registered for antenatal care.

She underwent an operation but when she was unable to pay her bills, the hospital detained her.

They also asked her to vacate the bed in the hospital for other patients.

Blessing and her baby have been sleeping on the floor of one of the wards of Mojol Hospital for months.

Blessing, a hairdresser, pleaded with the hospital management to allow her to leave the hospital and return to work so she could earn enough to pay back but they refused.

They allegedly prevented her from leaving the hospital premises to buy anything for herself and the baby except one of the nurses helps her out.

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Nursing mother and her baby allegedly detained in hospital for 7 months over her inability to pay bills

Mrs Esther Ogwu, founder of Esther Child Rights Foundation, reported the case on Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Persons’ platform. 

She explained that Blessing gave birth in March through Caesarean section at Mojo hospital at Egbeda shasha in Lagos.

The hospital charged her N350,000 Naira and later the medical director reduced it to N250,000.

She was able to pay N160,000 but still owes N90,000, Mrs Ogeu said.

As a result, the hospital allegedly refused to discharge her until she pays what she owes.

Mrs Ogwu said the case was reported to Esther Child Rights Foundation.

The foundation then immediately reported the case to the Afonka Police station.

They police station then assigned an officer to the case but there has not been any positive result since then.

From the hospital, Blessing, from Cross River State, called out to Nigerians for help. She said efforts by her husband – a mechanic – to raise the money had been futile.

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A spokesperson for the hospital said they have been unwilling to release Blessing due to past experiences with other patients.


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