Yul Edochie Eyes 2023 Presidential Bid

Yul Edochie claims that he would "surely become Nigeria's next President and best President ever" if Nigerian youth support him the way they support their BBNaija candidates.
Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor and unsuccessful Anambra State gubernatorial candidate, Yul Edochie, thinks he should become President.

He hinted that he would contest for the presidency and stated that he would be the “best president ever”.

Yul Edochie also said that he would be Nigeria’s next president if the youth supported him the way they support BBNaija housemates.

He added that his presidency will unite the country.

However, it is not very clesr how that would even work.

To start with, Edochie, despite being a successful actor has not been a successful politician.

His bid for the govership seat of his home start Anambra proved unsuccessful.

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In addition to this, voting in a Nigerian election is nothing like voting for a BBNaija contestant.

Election violence claimed the lives of more than 600 people during then 2019 election alone.

The elections were also marked by rampant fraud including vote buying, intimidation, ballot snatching, etc.

Long waiting lines, lack of faith in the process and fear of violence go a long way to depress youth turnout.

So for all the talk about youth enthusiasm for the reality TV show, it is extremely easier to participate in.

It also has very little risk of injury as most votes are cast from the safety of beds and cushions.

This in turn speaks to voter comfort.

Voters have to stand in line for hours, risk violence, and even then, there is no guarantee that the vote will count.

The show also starts out with 20 candidates who fans whittle down till the winner emerges.

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In contrast, voters are forced to choose between two major parties or count their votes wasted because only those parties have any realistic shot at winning.

In the end, is it any surprise that the youth turnout in Nigerian elections is low?


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